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The startup broadly launched a new app on Tuesday that lets job seekers anonymously chat with employees. When job seekers apply for an opening, it can be hard to ...
We want our employees to love working for Coupa, based on a complete and transparent understanding of our company and culture. BetterCompany Interview gives us the ability to genuinely deliver transparency to our candidates, which they love and are increasingly looking for at the companies they work at.
- Rob Bernshteyn, CEO
We want each person who decides to work at Biogen to feel proud to work here. This means that we want our candidates to really understand our culture so that they can make an informed decision as to whether Biogen is the right fit for them. The BetterCompany Interview is a unique and easy to use service that leverages our most engaged employees to help answer the questions of most importance to our candidates.
- Adriana Herde, VP People Services
The BetterCompany Interview has allowed us to harness the voices of our engaged employees to help us tell the story of working at Evernote in the most authentic way possible. Candidates love the transparent and authentic nature of the platform and the opportunity to ask about anything on their minds.
- Chris O’Neill, CEO
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