We built this for you
We want to help you become your best self.
Why we get out of bed in the morning

Too often, we self-censure ourselves due to a fear of embarrassment, a desire to avoid conflict or because we lack confidence in our ideas.

At BetterCompany, we believe deeply that when humans can communicate honestly, safely and free of judgement, they will develop deeper empathy and understanding of themselves and others, and all those who participate in honest and constructive conversations will become better.

Our founder, Tom Williams, is the only non-anonymous member of our community. He cares deeply about ensuring that our community and our customers trust us to facilitate these honest conversations without risking their reputation or those of others.

Of utmost importance to all of us is in keeping the nature of conversations across all of our services positive and constructive. Tom wrote about the importance of maintaining "well lit" places here on the Internet when we first launched the BetterCompany community.

We are always grateful for feedback and ready to answer any of your questions.