Companies can’t hire every good candidate they see.
95% of candidates don’t get the job, even though many are well qualified, actively looking and would be interested in a similar opportunity at a similar company. You’ll find these candidates, and they’ll find you, on our exchange.
We’re not a job board.
Our machine learning algorithm and human screening process aligns candidates to jobs by matching unique identifiers and interest indicators. The result is higher-quality candidates for every job and better jobs for every candidate.
Cut time-to-hire and sourcing costs in half.
A simple, free configuration within your ATS enables us to automatically match our high-quality candidate pool with your open positions. Companies that use the BetterCompany Exchange fill important roles faster, and at a fraction of the cost.
Improve employer brand and candidate experience.
Candidate experience matters. Virtually 100% of candidates rate communication as an essential part of the recruiting process. Leaving candidates in the dark damages your brand and increases negative feedback online. Pay it forward. Close the loop and automatically introduce your rejected candidates to other opportunities on the BetterCompany Exchange.
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